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Around the country 7/31-??, 2018

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We have begun what we expect to be our last cross-country trip. It will be our seventh time to the East Coast, and we are looking to fill in some holes in our travel map as well as revisit some favorites. When we return we will be selling our M380 coach.
I'm not sure if Nikki has ever been swimming 3 days in a row before in her 7-1/2 years! She got to swim twice in the Columbia at Pasco, and then again here at the head of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Likely get to go again tomorrow. We waited until temps got below 90 in the evening, for our comfort, not hers.

We still swim her on a long line, or we would never get her out of the water. Not sure if she will ever calm down enough for that.
This was in Butte, I-90 westbound Read online that there were 4 inside, with only one injury (broken arm). Distracted driving blamed; the driver drifted left and couldn't correct before hitting the guard rail.
The deer on the far right came bounding up the bank and I was sure that either I was going to hit it, or it was going to hit me. Hit the brakes, but I couldn't slow much at all. Could be that the sound of my Jake-Brake startled it; anyway it stopped right at the pavement edge. Out of vision for the dashcam at that point.
There is a very nice bike and walking path up on the bluffs above Billings, and we went out early this morning before it could heat up. Supposed to be 104 today (Saturday, Aug 11). The smoke isn't as bad as the picture makes it appear.
On the left is the historic Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, WY. We arrived on the last day of an annual event - Longmire Days. Having never read the books or watched the shows I knew nothing about Longmire, but I gather it is/was a Netflix show and before that A&E. The author is a Buffalo citizen, and some of the actors show up and they have a weekend of various events. Good thing we didn't try to get a reservation before Sunday, as it would have been impossible!
Here we are in Sturgis. Last week this would have been wall-to-wall motorcycles, this week pretty dead.

Up to this point we have been in places we've been to many times. Sturgis marks the beginning of mostly new places for the next couple of thousand miles.
Here are a few pictures from Deadwood.

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