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Quartzsite, AZ, January 17 - Feb 6, 2009

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I made the sixth trip to Quartzsite alone this year, since Joy said it was too soon after the long Virginia/Florida trip to uproot her again.
Dawn at the Blue Bird rally circle before taking off to hike in Palm Canyon.
A lucky 13 of us hiked up to Palm Canyon, south of Quartzsite. None of us had been there before, so we didn't know what to expect.

The "canyon" turned out to be that small fissure behind us in the picture below!
I took a smaller group on a hike up the "Q" hill. Below right is the Blue Bird circle, about 4 miles away.
I rode along in the lead vehicle on a 4-wheel drive excursion into the hills north of Quartzsite.
Another view of the Blue Bird circle.
Compare the prices at Love's this year, below left, with those from a year earlier, below right!

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