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Colorado, September 3 - November 6, 2007

Because there are so many pictures of this particular trip they are broken into 3 pages. This is page 3.
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Our final tourist-spot destination in Colorado Springs was the Air Force Academy.
The chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs
Pipe organ in the chapel
This campground is at Raton Pass, on the CO/NM border
At a rest stop in New Mexico
Mimes in the plaza in old Santa Fe
Old Santa Fe
Old Santa Fe
Old Santa Fe
Michael ran out of battery power in his camera, so a number of these Old Santa Fe photos were taken by him with my camera. He is a prolific photographer, which partly explains the number of pictures for this trip!
Old Santa Fe
A visit to Los Alamos and the Bradbury museum turned up a very distant relative who worked on the Manhattan project. Hugh Bradner is better known as the inventor of the wet suit.
Hugh and Marjorie Bradner
Model of "The Gadget" which was the first test nuke
There are historic monuments along Route 66 through Santa Fe. This one, besides hiding a geocache, is a monument to trailer parks. The inscription reads "The pulled into the trailer park shortly past midnight. It had been a long drive from the border with Texas, chugging down Route 66 with trailer in tow. They believed they were headed to the coast. When they awoke the next morning, they somehow knew that this would be the town in which they would spend the rest of their lives."

There is a trailer park on the other side of the wall.
Route 66 Trailer Park Monument
My own Very Large Array
I talked everyone into a side-trip to see the Very Large Array (VLA) of radio telescopes that is best known from the movie "Contact." We scouted locations to find a good one where I could capture our own large array with part of the VLA in the distance.
Campground near the VLA in New Mexico
The VLA in New Mexico
The VLA in New Mexico
The VLA in New Mexico
The final destination was our 5th annual Datastorm Rally in Tucson. This was the biggest one yet, with a full week of seminars, meals, etc., and nearly 120 RVs and their owners in attendance.
Don Murray, a regular at PNWCO outings, was there with his wife Mary
Duelling cameras with Chris Guld
Janet Adams installing a new Datastorm
Michael, Jim and Chris Guld, along with Odie and Patrick
Jim Pendleton, Motosat President, with opening remarks
Jim and I doing a networking seminar
Ed Travis, Motosat Chief Engineer
A panel discussion
Some of the Datastorm dishes with their blue lights
Handing out a geocoin at a seminar on geocaching
The grand prize winner on the final night, with Jim and Motosat VP Royal Lamb

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