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Things you will find here at ArcataPet.Net include:


ImgViewer/32Free Software including ImgViewer/32, WWPlus32, WWSaver32, and BirdData.

VB LogoSource Code. Visual Basic samples including custom dialogs and full screen saver template.

Other sites and pages hosted here include:

Blue Zanzibar Don & Joy's motorhome travelogue

Speed Bumps Speed Bumps Bob Giddings' adventures

My Army YearsMy Army Years Reminisces about my time in Iran and Ethiopia.

Datastorm Dish DatastormUsers.com a website for users of mobile satellite internet (now closed permanently).

BBirdMaps BBirdMaps.com for Blue Bird Coach owners.

Tiger Mural Safari Murals. Hundreds of murals photographed on the backs of Safari Motorhomes.


Caninde MacawsLots of photos of birds, cats, dogs, our pet shop, etc., mostly taken before we semi-retired and began our travels.

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